My Journey’s Pin-Pointed Gems

Here’s a little dialogue:

The only war that should be focused on is the one on the sacred duality of sexes kept separate, yin and yang. The front of this war is the one on marriage of two individuals. This should be the only segregation. Not between men and women but more so beings among other beings and entities. Not a war between species but I will protect and defend my species’s identity. Not a war between races, creed or skin color of men. This is about love on Earth and on Heaven.

Color of hair is determined by Light hitting the body of matter and expressing it because a lack of a certain color. If you have all the colors to a certain degree it becomes black.

Color of body is determined by the exposure of the sun as a result people become darker or lighter depending on the adaption of melanin production.

Gender is produced by DNA and RNA replication. There are shades of grey, hints and hues of colors in gender but there are only two true genders on Earth. Male and Female.

Everyone has a benevolent and malevolent values. Benevolent strengths being; Nurture, Kindness and Loving Values. Malevolent being; Manipulative, Cunning and Articulation. Both sides of the spectrum will supplement one another and help each other to reach it’s limits. There are reasons why people force and impose themselves on each other, it is done usually with selfish intent. To benefit them or some times out of justice for fairness. Revenge and all other themes that harm may come to pass but the best theme for man is indeed in redemption. Men’s war is truly within themselves and the one we struggle with in defining female and male identities. And remember to let things go, allow life to flow, respect one another and care for life.


Christian ⊕

Solution and Conflict Virtue Paths:



My Journey’s Pin-Pointed Gems:

Life: Be Yourself.

Dream: Follow your heart.

Self: Build and learn. One lesson at a time.

Light: Shine in the Dark. When all good is amiss, be the light in the dark.

Redemption of Alphonse: Stand for the Truth.


Loyalty: Think of what you can offer by building faith in one another.

Trust: Respect and think of others but be smart but caring.

Authority: Be the invisible hand that gives hope. (Be bold, have courage and be strong).

Wisdom: Find the fine silver lining path (to understand, contemplate and comprehend the truth) To resolve the truth.

Redemption of Omegan: Legitimacy and Credibility.


Hope begets Faith. Faith begets Compassion. Compassion begets Love. Loves begets Grace. Grace brings forth the Redemption.

Hope: I sought to practice and I intended to build bridges.

Faith: I sought to understand the world and my wool was covered in soot of taint. I remind myself that there is hope in the end if I have faith.

Compassion: I sought to nurture the world and started giving. I remind myself that with great faith in the end I will have compassion.

Love: I sought to care for the world and started understanding myself, others and the world around me. I remind myself that with compassion in the end I will have love.

Grace: I sought to do good in the world and I started offering my services to God and Heavens. I remind myself that with love in the end I will arrive with grace.

Redemption of Christwey: I sought to change life for the better and I gave my heart to everyone. I have forsaken the angel in my heart but one day I will be fruitful with my work.


Love: I’ve found love, it is in the people.

Peace: I’ve found peace, it is in acceptance of my reality on Earth.

Justice: I’ve found justice. I look to solve love, peace and happiness for the self and others. A person should stand for good on the bold and narrow path.

Happiness: I’ve found happiness,  I found the Truth in myself.

Composure: I’ve found composure, I look at stability and try to balance my life.

Temperance: I’ve found temperance, I seek inside me to find what it is I can offer.

Solution: I’ve found the solution, I believed that there was a way and would plot my points, draw my lines and that would make my paths in life.

Redemption of Amberguity: I’ve found redemption in this domain, first be honest.









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